Building Behavior Solutions, LLC

Program Coordination


Establishing a solid school program is one of the biggest steps that can be taken when preparing for the education of individuals with autism and other disabilities. Having a well coordinated school program establishes many needed opportunities for learning. BBS is knowledgeable in the components necessary to establish an appropriate school program and is experienced in working side by side with teachers, case managers, and other school personnel.


Home is one of the most important places for students to learn and generalize skills. Since students spend more time at home than they do at school, it is critical that home also becomes an environment that facilitates learning. Whether supporting existing therapists in the home or training parents to better support their children, BBS is ready to help. BBS's consultants work closely with both schools and homes in order to establish a well coordinated program to bring meaningful change to the student and family.


Generalizing skills to the community is one of the biggest priorities for individuals with autism and other disabilities. Being able to perform skills in community environments is a significant step towards being an active and valued member of society. BBS understands the importance and difficulty of community programming and is excited to take this step with you.